Our Capabilities

Our professional in-house team is equipped with the skills, experience and enthusiasm to ensure clients receive premium services at all times.

We have an unrivalled understanding of the markets of Central and Eastern Europe and the Arabian Gulf, giving our clients confidence that we complete our tasks to the highest possible standards. We always consider the impact cultural values have within an organization and work hard to ensure we put forward the most suitable candidates that fit our clients’ values and beliefs.

Talent Management 

  • Professional Talent Acquisition
  • 360 Degree Assessment
  • Profile Assessment
  • HR Management
  • Coaching

Employer Branding

  • Search and selection process is completely in-house, conducted by our offices in both Central and Eastern Europe and the Arabian Gulf. No third party agencies are used.
  • State of the art software
  • Extensive HR experience
  • Fully trained employees
  • Comprehensive Central and Eastern European knowledge
  • 100% professionalism at all times

  • Significant compensation advantage compared to the Western European and North American expats.
  • Mobile, highly skilled, loyal and productive labour force.
  • Multilingual professionals (English, German, French and Spanish are widely spoken)
  • Cultural compatibility and language skills
  • Abundance of skilled labour
  • Central and Eastern Europe are part of the European Union, therefore there are no visa and / or immigration issues.
  • High standards of education

Let’s look at the countries where recruitment operations are carried out. »

Our state of the art recruitment software


Track and Trace is a unique self-service function that allows you to keep an eye on your vacancies we are recruiting for. The whole process, as well as all related details are right at your fingertips whenever you need them. No more e-mails back and forth, no more spreadsheets, attachments or lists – only the essentials in a clear structure, 24/7.



Our ATS offers you an easy and summarized overview of your current open positions and is developed entirely according to our customers’ requirements. Your report is available in all popular formats including xlsx, pdf and docx. Any information you miss from the reports? Our team will be happy to assist you, so that you can enjoy a truly tailored solution.